Need to open a Wyze support ticket

There appears to be no way on the support site to send a message to Support, or send an email. Maybe a Mod here can relay the issue or get me to the right place to open a support ticket. I don’t want to “chat” or call. I just want to report bugs.

Subject: Wyze App bugs on Tablets in Landscape Orientation


The Wyze Android app is a little wonky when run on tablets. I have some bugs to report.

Latest Wyze App version 2.19.14

First, I have three different brands of tablets, each with a different version of Android (7.1, 8, & 9), and the behavior I will describe is the SAME on all the tablets. So, I do not have an issue to troubleshoot on my end. The issue is with the App.

If the tablet is in Landscape orientation, the Wyze App has a personality crisis. Some screens revert to portrait orientation, and others revert to Landscape orientation.

  • Starting with the tablet in Landscape, the app opens in Portrait.
  • If I select a camera from the main app screen, the camera view switches back to Landscape (sometimes)
  • If I go to camera settings, it flips to Landscape.
  • If I select a section within camera settings, it flips back to Portrait.

This is a bad user experience. Your Software Engineers need to go through all the screens in the app and ensure that the orientation RESPECTS AND FOLLOWS THE ORIENTATION THAT THE DEVICE IS IN.

Next, there are some bugs in the camera options dialog. When in camera view, at the bottom of the screen there are controls for Sound, Record, Speak, Take Photo, and MORE

  • If you select MORE, you get a pop up dialog with Motion Tracking, Pan Scan, Motion Tagging, Album, Time Lapse, and Turn off
    – On a tablet in Landscape orientation, Motion Tagging and Turn off are missing from the dialog

Finally, there is a bug in the Events part of the app. If you view an event video and select the option at the bottom to share the event video with Wyze to improve AI, clicking yes should bring up a dialog to select among numerous options of what is in the video. However, on a tablet in Landscape mode the bottom two buttons (Cancel / Submit Results) is not visible at the bottom.

There are lots of little usability bugs like this in the app for tablet users. Please open a ticket to get these fixed in an upcoming app update.

This is primarily a user forum, it’s not constantly monitored by Wyze support.

The best way to report bugs and get information to developers and engineers is to submit a log. You might not get a response with the log ticket, but it is definitely being looked at.

Wyze - How To Submit A Log

I would suggest copying that all over to a log. A support ticket does not need to be created with a log.

Thanks, I opened a chat this morning and pasted in my bug report. The chat attendant confirmed that I didn’t need to provide any logs and said that the issue was being sent to the developers. A ticket number was opened and I have an email confirmation to track the issues.

This is most likely because you have included most of the information needed in your report. Thanks for reporting this issue!:slightly_smiling_face: