Need to double check wiring & setup please

This is my second winter with Wyze tstats. We have a heat pump outside, blower in the attic with heat strips inside.

I have two Wyze tstats, as we have a dual zone system - all this does is open and close dampers for upstairs or downstairs.

Here is the old setup:

When I originally set these up last year, I told the app that the white AUX was w2, and I believe this may have been a mistake although it was mostly functioning correctly…often on colder days below 50, the heat would run for hours and hours on end to reach temperature.

I just reset them both, and told the app that I had aux instead of w2 (per the setup instructions stating to follow the heat pump markings).

I just want to verify that this is the correct setup for my system. I’m still very confused on how Wyze handles these heat pump systems. Some days the heat is mostly lukewarm all the time, some days it’ll have piping hot air coming out after 30-45min, and some days the system will barely be able to maintain the temp downstairs and just run for hours on end. It’s very frustrating.

Thanks for your help !

To clarify, here is what I selected in app, and here is the Wyze wiring (when I set these up last year, I’m pretty sure I had w2 selected instead of aux, as I was confused by the instruction, and when I selected both it kept looking for another wire that I obviously don’t have) here’s how I just set it up now;

Hmm, this looks correct.
Wyze’s heatpump implementation is a bit lacking, without exterior temp sensors, and the knowledge of the cutoff temperature of your heatpump, it has to guess when to turn on the heatstrips based on how long it takes to heat up the house, so if it’s a bit too cold outside for the heatpump to be efficient at heating the house, it might take a while before kicking on the heatstrips.

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