Need a home feature where you can turn on to not notify you about yourself coming and going. I go outside a lot and kind of annoying getting all those notifications about myself

I think a feature or a rule change should be allowed if you’re home and you going in and out to not get notifications about yourself walking around outside…

This can be done with the current rules, or you can use the notification snooze feature to disable notification for a custom set time

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@kelley.mmchood welcome to the form ! yes, as @Omgitstony suggest, you could create rule from your app top left + button → Add rule → top right + button → Location trigger → select location → Add action → Turn off notifications → Save the rule.
So something like above should turn off all the notification when you arrive home.


How do you do that without using the snooze? I do want to be notified of other people so is the only way by disabling notifications when I’m home?

At this time, no consumer grade cam system can properly identify, track and not notify of one person while notifying of all others. Your current choices for your scenario are disable or snooze notifications. I use snooze when I’m doing work outside in case I forget to enable when finished.