Person detect notice

Is there a way to set the notification for person detect different than motion or sound?
My wife works from home and I cannot look at every notification app day at work.
If it is something on my end that I can do I would appreciate help doing such.
Thanks for the help

Not that I know of but if you go in to the camera settings you can turn off notifications for sound and motion but keep notifications for person still saving all the motion clips your just not getting blasted as people are moving around the house all day

Thanks for the reply and that is a great idea!
I love the outdoor cam and actually have an indoor cam on the door too.
Going to get 2 more black indoor cams because we will be gone for a week and have a pet sitter for my 20 year old cats.
One will be pointed at where one cat sleeps and eats and the other to ensure the sitter only stays on the lower level where the cats are.
Thanks again for the idea!

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