Naming a camera keeps failing

I’m trying to add a third camera and everything goes great until I have to name it, it says operation failed every time. Any suggestions?
I’ve tried quitting the app and restarting my iPad with no change.

Welcome @s.sng

Have you tried using a different name? Something simple for now to see if it completes?

@s.sng can you provide the following informaiton?

  • Can you provide a log for this?
  • If you contacted Wyze, can you provide the Ticket Number?
  • What was the name you were trying to name it to?
  • What Version of the App are you using?
  • What camera type you were adding? Was it an OG?


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Seems there was this same issue last February. It was patched and said to work.

I’m using an OG model. Firmware 1.0.80 on an iPad Pro 12.9”.
I only downloaded the app yesterday to add my first 2 cameras. The first 2 went without any problem. Then today I’m trying to ad 2 more but stuck on this naming.
I tried Pond, when that failed 3 times i tried every suggested name given like back yard cam, living room cam, etc.
Nothing is working . I’ve just tried again a few minutes ago with same result.

I reported to Wyze, can you provide an app log and the Mac address of one of the cameras

I’m not sure how to get a log as I’m only a day into this whole app and camera. Is it in the app settings?

Start the app and select the accountenu (bottom right) scroll to the bottom and select wyze support. Then select submit log and find something that matches or other (located under services).

Provide the log and provide the Mac address of the camera

I’m have that issue too!!

I submitted a support request and a log. Thank you very much for your time and help!

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Perfect. Thanks.

@s.sng , please try to setup your camera now and let me know if it either worked or still have issues.

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i had it working once before on my phone 5g phone but then now i had to resetup. then tried deleting app and resetting up and still didn’t work so i tried it on another phone and it worked.

from what I understand, Wyze has or is putting a fix in place on the cloud side. So you should be good to go with naming of the cameras.


Mine is good to go, thanks for your time and effort!

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