My Wyze video doorbell records everyone but the mailman and the Amazon prime guy...WTF?

I have the Wyze video doorbell with Cam Plus subscription. It seems to work fine as it records me, my wife, my yard guy and any stranger that comes up the steps…but, strangely enough, it no longer records the mailman, UPS or Amazon delivery guys. I know this sounds kooky but that’s what is actually happening. WTF??

Plus…for some reason on Xmas Eve day last month it made a recording about every 15 seconds…all friggin day…of nothing. I was monitoring the recordings from out of state and it ate up all my phone data allotment. Took me hours to delete them all. Sheesh.

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I am the self-appointed resident SA.

Perhaps Lamont Cranston and Claude Rains are making your deliveries?

Simplest answer: it’s their business to do this and they are FAST. Camera doesn’t catch them.

Also, of course, the patented out of range package chuck.

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