My Wyze CamV2 bricked the first day

Good morning everyone. Over a year ago I bought a camV2. Plugged it in and tried to make a connection to the wyze app. It worked for about 2 minutes. When it then asked me for a firmware update. It updated and the camera just stopped working. It had power but would never connect again. I put it away in a drawer and forgot about. So this month I tried it again. I read the instructions and attempted to do a manual firmware update where I inserted an minisd card from a computer with a firmware update to the camera. Still did nothing. No matter if you hold the setup button also it does “no ready to connect”. The light stays yellow on the back. It has power. But it seems like the camera has just become a paper weight.

Thank You.

What size sd card were you for the flash? Only 32 gig or smaller work. I had a problem the very first time I tried to flash a card I didn’t know that Windows hides sometimes file extensions. So when I renamed the demo.bin., It was secretly demo.bin.bin.

I suspect the most common issue when trying to manually update firmware on Wyze cameras is Windows related. By default, Windows hides filename extensions. So when people rename the file to demo.bin, it is actually demo.bin.bin (which will not work). In my opinion, this is one of the dumbest settings in Windows and one of the first things I change.
The #2 is that although the cameras will function with uSD cards larger than 32GB, for flashing it MUST be no larger than 32GB.

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Thank you all for the great responses.
I downloaded the firmware through a Macbook air
I have a 16gb microsd 8 or 10 speed that I used
I did change the name per instructions that a third party webpage had suggested for doing a manual firmware. But those instructions were for manual firmware only and the file was from wyze tech site.

Thank you

Wow if it’s under 1 year old do a replacement order with wyze

OP said they threw it in a drawer over a year ago after it died after updating. So probably no warranty now…

True trash it and move on

Wyze would still probably replace it even though it outside the warranty or maybe even give a discount for a V3 camera. Doesn’t hurt to ask them.

You never know until you ask

@BLS2001 - Your comments should have been directed to poster about the possibility of returning…

The @BLS2001 should let him know…