My Wyze Cam V3’s speaker is not that loud

I have a Wyze cam V3 and a Wyze Cam Pan V3 and the V3’s speaker dwarfs in comparison to the Pan V3’s speaker. Anybody know why? I thought the v3 spesker would be a lot louder.

I can add some factors that probably contribute to “why” but I can’t tell you “why” completely:

For starters, the Wyze Cam V3 has a maximum power of 1A, while the Pan v3 takes 2A.

So the V3 has to be able to do a whole lot of stuff with comparatively fairly minimal power.

For another, the V3 launched several years before the Pan V3. In the electronics field, things are always rapidly changing to make it possible to do more, more affordably, with less.

That’s not to say there aren’t ways to have better audio. A lot of the newer cams have better speakers, including the cheaper OG Cam… Which also came out years after the V3 cam, and comes from a different supplier partner.

I know the V3 cam speaker is limited to 80db which is fairly soft IMO. The microphone is also a little less sensitive than others.