Wyzecam pan vs regular wyzecam V2 vs V1 microphone quality

I noticed that the wyzecam v1 sounds clearer even though it is softer than wyzecam v2 when talking through from your app to the cameras. I thought I read that wyzecam v2 was supposed to have upgraded the microphone. If I use the microphone feature, it sounds loud and very garbled with V2 but the V1 is soft and clear.

Also, I like how the wyzecam pan, you can just click on the speak button as opposed to hold to speak on V1 and V2. Why did they make it differently? The wyzecam pan has the best done quality through the microphone and best sound level out of all the wyzecams. Is there a way to match the microphone sound quality of the pan on the next iteration wyzecam v3?

I believe what you’re actually referring to is a possible issue with the speaker on the camera. When you use the app to talk through the cameras, you are using the microphone on the phone, and the speaker on the camera. :slight_smile:

Sorry, yes I’m referring to the poor sounding speakers.

I don’t know if it will help you, but when I talk through the camera with the app, I use my “inside voice” and not have my mouth right next to the phone. I found that helps me. YMMV

No, that’s not helpful. The speaker sounds very poor on the wyzecam V2 compared to the wyzecam pan and wyzecam v1 while talking in a normal voice volume.

Is this your only V2? If it is, maybe it is a defective unit that needs replacement?

I have 2 other v2s I can check out… I’ll see if they have the same problem or not. Thanks for the suggestion. I was just wondering if anyone else noticed the speaker quality difference.

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