My phone was stolen tonight

My cell phone was stolen tonight. How do I stop Wyze from sending alerts and video to my phone where some weirdo could be watching me over my own cameras.

Is there another way I can see the footage without my phone, like a computer page or something, until I can get a new phone?

Do you have a tablet or an old phone that has internet? Install the app and log in to your Wyze account and disable notifications, it will also disable it on your phone. Unless you have 2fa turned on, then the text will go to your phone.

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Also, if it’s an android and u have a google account …

To find a lost/stolen Android phone with Windows computer.
Open the link in Windows computer.

Google maps shows the trail ending at a Meijer store, which was where the last place I had it. I immediately went back in but it was gone. I checked with employees and the guest services desk several times but no one has turned one in. I went home and called it from my land line and it went directly to voice mail. I called the next afternoon and it rang like 5 times before going to voice mail. I then called my phone carrier, had it’s service suspend and they put it on a national Lost or Stolen list so that no one but me will be able to get service turned back on. I was hoping there was an app or something I could down load to my PC so that I could at least keep using my cameras until I can afford another phone. I do not have a tablet.

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