My new Wyze Cam V3 will not sound "Ready To Connect"

I pugged my new Wyze Cam V3 into the supplied charger and got a red then the flashing red light. I hold down the setup button but get no “Ready to connect sound” I have unplugged and reconnected the cam many times with the same results. I am running Android 10

Do you feel the micro-switch click when pressing it?


No I pressed it over twenty times. I press it very hard and can’t detect a click. And I made sure I press the correct button

Because of the waterproof cover, it takes a pretty good press. You need to use the tip of your finger - not the pad of your finger. I often take a small probe to press. Something like a small cap of a pen, or a small dowel. Another option would be the end of a needle nose (not sharp) pliers. It’s pretty obvious when you get it pushed. You can both hear and feel the click. Practice before even trying it with power.


That worked, THANKS
QR scan worked too