Wyze Cam v2 click sound

Hello everyone, like somebody know I try to get wyze while my friend in USA. Anyway, finally I got it and try to make some experience BUT I realized something when I plugin after cut the energy. It clicks 2 or three time orange led appears and blue flash and it shutting down. Is it normal or just need some setting.

Btw, I only use it after cuting the energy just “setup button and qr code scan” otherwise its shutting.

Thanks for any comment. (last firmware updated)

So I take a video : https://streamable.com/cdy19

It’s the mechanical IR cut filter clicking into and out of place. It allows for the best color during the day, and the best night vision at night.

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Yeah I searches click voice but I mean it’s not powering on if I didnt scan qr code after electric gone. Just clicking and shutting.

Just watched the video, clicking is the IR cut filter and is just part of a self test I think, but have you pressed the reset button on the bottom? You should then hear “Ready to connect”.

If you mean “Setup” button yeah I am pressing all the time and re-read code when power gone.

When your power(electric) gone are make all steps again like first open?


when sd card not insterted it can’t boot up cuz I think some settings installing on sdcard.

Now I scanned qr when sd insterted and connect after I cut the power and then re plug to power now IT BOOT UP AND WORK

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I’ve got several without SD cards in them, and that shouldn’t happen. But it ain’t broke, go with it. I did however have one that lost it’s memory everytime it lost power too. But I just sent it back because it was free with amazon prime.

I have one more wyze v2 I will try it too if it has not this problem, when my friend go back to USA (I’m living in Turkey) I will send it to wyze for repair

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The problem still continues, is there anything you can recommend @WyzeGwendolyn

EDIT: Now I realized its not just clcik issue after re-plugin to power.If you restart/cut power you must be re-setup like first time.

I would recommend contacting customer support for this one. Definitely sounds like something is wrong! Sorry about that, @mehmet.akif.simsek.

Wyze Customer Support