My Cam v4 screenshot 2 ~3 sec delay?

I have the Cam v4, I found out that the screenshot has 2 ~ 3 sec delay.
First, I had it installed inside of the house facing the door entrance. After I got into the house, I got an alert from the app. Then when I look at the picture it only show the screenshot of myself ( a section of the body when turn to left to hang my jacket into the closet - so it only show the right arm side section, no face shown). Should it take the picture right away when the camera detects me entering into the house? Why it has to wait that long to take a picture?
When I move the camera outside, at the front door. When someone drop a package in front of my house, I only see the screenshot of the package (the picture show it only the package on the ground without the courier!).

Same thing happen to my Door bell v2 as well.

How do I setup to take the picture without the delay? Otherwsie, both the camera and door bell is useless if it can’t capture the person’s face right away when he shows up in front of the camera (both).


Install a good SD card in that V4 camera and not only will you see a video instead of a plain image, there shouldn’t be any delay.

I had the Samsung EVO 256GB SD card installed. I have tested that there is no issue with taking picture or do recording with this SD card.