My Cam Pan constantly resets itself

I have a Cam Pan V1 that recently crashed after a firmware update which through this forum I was able to fix by re-flashing it with an older firmware version so that problem was solved… I think. It has since then been upgraded to the latest firmware which I have to wonder if that is causing my problems. Read on…

Now, it works intermittently for a few minutes and then the picture freezes and it then after a minute the yellow light comes on for a minute then the cam does it’s rotation reset, the blue light blinks for a few seconds and it is working again for a few minutes again until this process repeats which is about every 10 minutes or less.

I have tried a factory reset by holding the reset button for 20 seconds or more several times and that does not help at all. When it is working, the app reports that my network is unstable and wants me to set the resolution to 360P which I did but this should not be happening as the cam is around 15 feet from my router and I have six other cams that are working just fine with my network. It has a 16gb micro SD card installed at this time as well. I am beginning to think that this Cam Pan has seen it’s better days.

I am considering replacing it with a Cam Pan V2 but I don’t want to spend the money right now if there is a fix for this cam.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I think it’s jealous of the pan cams color night vision, they do say it has smart AI lol . But jokes aside it may be time for a new camera. Maybe you can send it to Wyze for a replacement? Have you been able to contact support ?

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Thanks for your input. No, I have not tried to contact support about it yet. I figured that I would get a better response time here in this forum. As an update on it’s resetting time, it is resetting about every minute and fifteen seconds or so now.

Maybe the newest firmware was designed to cause this failure thus making more sales of the Cam Pan V2. Makes me wonder but I have one other Cam Pan V1 that is working perfectly.

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**Update… Well it seems that rolling back the firware version helped the Cam Pan back to working status. Moral of this story for me… avoid firmware updates. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I even installed a 128gb super fast, contiuous use memory card in it and it also is working just fine. I might still replace it with a Cam Pan V2 later.