Multiple wyze cam recordings in one screen

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I was trying to bring all (8) of my wyzecams into one screen of my TV/Monitor and came up with tinypro app. I got that ready and all cams are showing up in one screen…thats fine. But i want to record all these 8 cameras in one screen instead of recording one by one.

Is there a way i can record all 8 cams in one screen? If so, how do you do that in tinypro (or) Is there any software available for that?

Please let me know.

TinyCam Pro can certainly record all the streams at the same time, but I don’t think that accomplishes what you want - recording the 8-up view itself. I can’t think of a good way to do that other than a screen recorder…

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Yes basically i want all the 8 cameras which i am seeing in my TV to be recorded in one record button and should be able to see the 8 cam in recorded screen…Do OBS work for this?


Is the tiny cam app on your tv? Or computer outputted to the tv? If it’s on a computer that’d be easy just have OBS screen capture the window or monitor then record.

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Tinycam is on my TV. Am sure there must be a way.