Battery Cam Pro issues with Tinycam / other methods to view 6 WYZE cams at once

On Tinycam after a few hours my Battery Cam Pros will start to have a 10 second delay and my V3 cams do not. I’ve tried emailing Alexey every day for 2 weeks with no reply. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Alternatively, I would accept other viewing methods as a solution. My goal is to view 6 cams on one screen on my smart TV. Does anyone have any experience with the IP cam viewer app? I’m new to this but I think I could use a WiFi NVR with my cams then HDMI to the smart tv from the NVR. Do I need to flash the WYZE cams for the RSTP firmware for that? If I go HDMI directly from NVR to smart TV will I be able to control some sort of interface with my TV remote and select how many cams I am viewing at once? I have seen you can do that but not sure if I need to have it go through a laptop or something to control it. Or maybe I could control the view remotely through a web server and that would display on my smart TV? Does anyone know any WiFi NVRs that would allow me to have a 6 cam view? Why doesn’t WYZE app have a 6+ cam view on their app and only 4? You can view multiple 6+ cams at once on but I don’t want to pay a monthly fee. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.