Multiple Wi-fi Networks for One House

I have many Wyze products: 5 cams, vacuum, scale, and garage door opener. As far as I can tell, they all MUST be connected to the very same wi-fi network. But my garage door opener gets the slightest wi-fi signal thanks to Mylar in the insulation of the attic. If I could select a different network (say from a wi-fi extender) for that product, and leave everything else connected as-is, all would be fine. Can you fine folks please add an option to connect different products to at least two, or more wi-fi network choices? So Garage could be assigned to Network B, while other cams, scale, etc. are connected to network A. That would expand the reach of your products. As it is now, my garage opener is almost useless. I may need to return it. Thanks

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Hey there!! Ok so if I understand correctly you have 2 Wi-Fi networks and you want some devices on Wi-Fi network A and some on Wi-Fi network B. I currently do this now and am wondering what issues you are seeing with that?


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As the moderator indicated in the note, what the poster is requesting already exists and always has. While some things (video viewing) work a bit better on the same network, nothing prevents Wyze products from existing across many different WiFi networks on the same account.

If there are any exceptions I’d like to hear them.

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I currently in the Wyze Android app see no way to change networks on individual devices. All my stuff (cams, vacuum, scale, etc.) are linked to network A. So is the garage opener. I cannot find, or perhaps it is just not obvious to me, how to change one device to another network. Can you show me how? Thank you.

Ok. So once you’ve connected a device to your Wi-Fi, you have to reset the device in order to change the network. So you would need to setup the device again and connect it to the Wi-Fi you want. You have separate SSID’s right? So in the list of networks either choose or type on the information manually. Let me know if this helps

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I am sure you will be able to… :slight_smile:


@woketman , when you set it up again, you do not need to delete the camera from the app. All yo need to do is go through the setup process and select the new SSID and Password

I can find no “reset” option under settings in the app. Are you saying that you simply remove power for a few minutes and plug back in?

Which Camera are you speaking about. the v2 and v3, all you need to do is to select add a device in the device list, select the Camera then follow the prompts. Just do not delete it from your app as any rules or settings will remain intact.

basically, when you add the camera from the Add Device area, you will need to press the Setup button on the bottom of the camera, it will chime and start the process.

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If you are trying to reset the Cam v3 for your garage door controller, go through the add process via the Wyze app (Wyze app Home > Add (“+” icon upper left) > Cameras). During the process, you’ll be pressing the Setup (reset) button under the cam.


OK, got it. Thanks!!!


And for what it’s worth, I am using fairly high end commercial WiFi at my house. I can have up to 15 SSIDs and each access point (I have four) can have any or all of those SSIDs active. As far as my IoT devices, I have a 2.4 GHz and a 5 GHz IoT SSID that shows up on all four APs. I also have an SSID that is specific to each AP (for example: IoT-Garage, IoT-FamilyRm, and IoT-EastWall). Most of my Wyze devices are connected to the general 2.4 GHz IoT SSID, but there are some items that for whatever reason loved to connect to a far away AP, so those few devices are set to one of the location specific SSIDs. They are all on the same LAN, but different WiFi SSIDs. Works fine.

However with all that said, I think the original request was to be able to have a “backup” or “2nd” SSID configured via the app for a camera rather than having to run the setup routine in order to change it. That would be nice.


Yeah I actually do to so that’s what I was wondering about. Doesn’t hurt to wishlist that item. Do you know of cameras on the market that do that now?