Does the app act differently wifi vs. non-wifi (on cell network)?

The Wyze app on my home wifi can’t see a camera on a different SSID (but on same network). I have a detached garage with a router that extends my nome network. I gave it a different network name (SSID) so only the garage devices would use that router.

When I’m on the home wifi network, the app does not load the garage camera. But when I turn off wifi and go cellular, the app sees that camera with all my other Wyze cameras. I thought that the app grabs everything from the internet “cloud,” regardless if I hop on via my home wifi or cellular.

Any suggestions on how I can see that garage camera with the others while using the app on my main home wifi?

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I have a very similar setup. PowerLine network from the house to garage with a Wifi router in the garage.
The garage router has two Wyze and a D-Link camera connected to it.
I have no problem viewing the cameras with Wifi only. I do have problems with the Wyze camera settings. Sometimes it times out when I’m trying to change a setting.

Thanks, I decided to go a different way. I moved around the routers so all the cameras were consistently online. It’s working (for now).

Wifi routers should be placed as high as possible (away from structural elements) and centrally located between all devices.

If devices at the extreme end of the signal are straining for connectivity, add WiFi repeaters, Be forewarned that Wifi repeaters won’t provide the same signal strength, but are better than no repeater.

Or better yet. use Powerline repeaters (as long as they’re on the same breaker box). You could also opt for a Wifi Mesh system.

If you live in a “congested” area, for example, a typical city neighborhood, (where houses are 15-20 feet from each other) you might be getting “interference” from your neighbors’ Wifi networks. If that’s a possibility, you should install “NetX” on your phone and run the “Wifi Scan” feature to search for bleed-over from neighboring networks. If you’ve got bleed-over. you’ll need to change channels (2.4gHz for Wyze) on your router.

Not only the same breaker box but on the same phase within the panel.