Multiple video uploads in a given time frame

I have the WyzeCam Pan 2.0 and latest firmware update. I would like to have multiple sequential uploads of 12sec videos, so that I can capture what goes on after entry in my home for more than 12s.

So my question is, how can I set up a shortcut to: detect sound, upload a video, detect motion upload a video, wait a bit if needed, detect motion, upload a video and so on. Ideally I should be able to specify a maximum interval of say 2-3 minutes during which the a video is recorded and uploaded, even if it is 12 sec videos at a time.

There is a five minute timeout period between alert videos for each alert type. It cannot be changed. It is there to enable Wyze to be able to provide cloud storage for free. You may want to hop over an vote for the topic below (click VOTE button at the top)…

Thank you for your response! That certainly explains why no matter what I do, I can not get more than two uploads (one sound, one motion).

I can certainly understand the free cloud storage limitation. I also appreciate that we get free storage, it was the reason I bough WyzeCam and not Nest or other cam.

Still, maybe there could be a daily cloud storage limitation (max free storage/14) so that the user can record more than one clip. This is essential, especially for home surveillance while away - i.e. record an entry for more than 12 seconds. While the local storage can be useful, if there is a burglary, I am sure the thief will take the cam along with the local storage… On the other hand, he can not get rid of the cloud video and that is critical to identify the intruder.