Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

The app won’t allow 2 people to access the SD card at the same time, but it will let 2 people using the same family user ID on 2 different devices access the SD card at different times.

So, whereas it would be nice if you could authorize a separate ID to view playback from the SD card, you can do it now using the same user ID on two devices. As long as you don’t both try to access the SD card at the same time.


Implementing permissions for shared users is fine. But I think 90+% of Wyze camera users would be happy with a new type of shared user group called ‘View users’. These users would only be able to view the Live stream and View Playback for a camera. Locking the Playback and only allowing one user Playback access at a time is fine. A ‘View user’ could not make any settings changes to the camera, not have access to the camera audio or microphone and not be able to take a snapshot or record video from the camera.

This change seems like it would be way easier and more useful than the new Person Detection that was just rolled out. Any chance a new shared user group called ‘View users’ could be added fairly soon?

Wyze camera users … Who is with me ? ! ? !


I agree that a view-only user would solve the most urgent, critical need to protect privacy. I would hope more fully featured permissions controls would still be implemented.


And there is part of my problem. With passwords that are used for multiple websites and apps, I want the option for a user to have his/her own unique password to access playback. If he/she wants to share the playback, I don’t care. But I don’t want to give someone a password that I might be using on some other site or app.

That being said, the alerts for human movement is AWESOME! I don’t need to get an alert on my watch every time my dog gets a drink or my cat jumps on a counter. Well done Wyze devs!

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You said “two heads of household”. You can’t make a unique user ID that you can share with your other? This is how you fix it today without waiting for Wyze.

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You said “two heads of household”. You can’t make a unique user ID that you can share with your other? This is how you fix it today without waiting for Wyze.

It’s not that simple outside of households though.

For example, I have cameras at my home and I want to install them at my small business, which is co-owned. I don’t want to give my User ID to my co-owner because they would be able to see the cameras at my home. The ideal situation would be for me to set up a new User ID for the business and share it with my personal account, but then I wouldn’t be able to view playback on the business cameras without logging in and out of the two accounts every time.

My biggest concern is being able to share the playback feature with my personal Wyze account.

I don’t argue with the need for this wish. I think this wish is badly needed. I voted for it. I was just pointing out a workaround for a situation where a trusted family member lives in the same residence.


I feel the guest must be given permission from the administrator in order to delete any videos. Can a toggle button option be added to regulate guest users from deleting videos or allowing them access to delete videos?

I am a Wyze user from some time ago- I’m also the Facilities Manager for a network of locations and have set Wyze cams with SD cards up at a number of facilities.
I set my (business) base of operations up through my business email addy, which allowed me to share cameras with a few key employees, but again, no camera playback visibility for those key managers. Really need this- I have my Wyze cams centralized on my personal profile, but have to log out to view the the facilities playback- a real hassle when one is dealing with theft issues (whether Employee or Guest perpetrated) and needs quick access.

  • Are you any closer to resolving the issue?

*Any recommendations from the Community that offer solutions to quick location of time and date from the SD card viewpoint, when the SD card is actually removed from the camera device in order to access footage? We continuously record, as our facilities are open from sun up to sun down- that’s a lot of footage to go through when you’re trying to piece together incidents over a weekend…

Many thanks- I’m single handedly selling the crap out of these and would really like to have answers to these questions for our GMs…

Lastly, just spent the weekend installing 4 Wyze Bulbs, 8 sensors and 2 motion sensors throughout my home to test how they interface with the cameras. I have 4 cameras and 1 pan… the pan camera just went haywire this last week and will no longer connect. Just spins around (back and forth) and can no longer be controlled. Had it sitting on a shelf and its motion vibrated it off the shelf and was hanging there when I got home- maybe it was damaged upon falling?

On the up side, the bulbs are fantastic. Shortcuts are working beautifully and access has been shared to my boyfriend, who loves setting them down low for movie night.

  • RE: Wyze Bulbs and other devices- Would love the ability to share shortcuts! When adding multiple devices to your account, it is cumbersome to “reprogram” (term used loosely) shortcuts for each user.

Thanks, Wyze. Your Team is amazing. Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeves for the future!

As a primary user, I should have the ability to allow my shared users (roommates, family, etc) to have full access (settings and all). It’s annoying as somehow who is also a shared user that I cannot change the settings in the camera unless I’m logged into the main account. Maybe create a way for shared users to be assigned admin roles if the main user permits.

I know it’s off the beaten path, but I worked late and I don’t have the energy to search. If location services are enabled, can I stop getting notifications that a human (me) just moved in the kitchen?

@austing visit this topic and vote at the top left if this is what you are requesting.

@Tigzola no, location services will not do that. you can however setup shortcuts that allow you to toggle on and off from the home screen things like notifications for a camera, or a group of cameras.

when I am home, I turn all of my inside facing cams notifications off using a shortcut I have created.

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+1 for this! We need a way to share SD Playback

I would love to be able to share 2 cams with my neighbors who are dealing with the same issues I am - dog waste. The only downside is that these two cameras are inside and reflect my living room at night (TV, me and my dog, etc) and I don’t need them seeing that at night. Love to be able to share from say 8am-6pm and also be able to change that time. Thanks!

If this is a short term problem, a short term solution might be to hang a piece of black fabric behind the camera to block the reflections.


I have three Wyze Cam V2 devices, and three people in my family. However, we cannot individually set the notifications we want pushed to our phones (notification settings are auto-synced to all users). For instance, one of us wants to know when people are spotted, while another wants to know when any motion occurs. Therefore, we would all like to set individual notifications, independently, without affecting each others’ settings. Can this be an added feature soon?

Curtains have been ordered!


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that was the idea I had and it’s worked great so far.

nice and cheap too. only cost 3$ for fabric. and a couple dollars for some 3M hooks.