Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

+1 on adding the ability to View Playback on shared accounts.


Hello I have several Pan cams. Love them but I wish there was a way to completely disable the speak option from shared users. Will this ever come available?

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Any way to give View Only access to recipients of a shared camera? I have those with whom I’ve shared my camera kage only and maybe allow to talk and listen and maybe tilt and pan options for the cam pan. Is this possible?

How many votes does this need to get the ball rolling? @Loki


Please note the tag says, “Researching”. If it said “Maybe-later”, or “Probably not”, then Wyze wouldn’t be working on it at all yet. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! I love how Wyze is so community oriented! Thank you so much for hearing our suggestions and implementing them!

Hi @enid. There is no specific number of votes that would trigger active development. It is just one factor that is considered. Others include ease of development, fit with other features, demand on other channels, and more.

That said, as @DreadPirateRush has pointed out, Wyze is actively researching this. That’s the highest status in #wishlist and one step before it moves to #roadmap for actual coding. Here’s the description of Researching from the wishlist explanation:

researching - We’re looking into this and trying to select a good method for implementation but we’re not at a point of working on it yet.


Awesome! Thanks for the detailed reply and status explanation. It is truly appreciated. :blush:


This is something I posted on Facebook today not knowing this post was here… instead of editing it… I’m pasting my post here… …


Not sure if this is possible… if it is let me know I can’t find it… and if it isn’t. .I would love to see this…

Feature Request:

I want to be able to give and take permissions if I share a camera…

I would like for there to be an ADMIN feature… where I can take away features from people I share the camera with…

I wouldn’t want anyone else:

turning off my cameras
turning off notifications
being able to speak
being able to listen
taking pics
turning off night mode on/off
turning off HD off or on

(basically, I would only let them watch the feed, that’s just me)

among other things… I like the fact that they cant watch the playback or go back to different dates that’s a start…

but if I give someone permission… I want to be able to control what they can or cant do…

also, be able to add another ADMIN if I wanted to, would be great!


I agree to the above post!

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Might’ve missed it - but Per-User Notifications is desperately needed.

Super glad to find this here.

Found it out the hard way as the weather has turned stormy for the season and I like a lot of notifications on movement and audio to keep my situational awareness of all my cameras (likely unhealthily) high - whereas my wife - not so much and strives for a “normal” level.


Pardon me if someone else has already stated this, but here is my use case for more advanced features for shared cameras.

I have a relative that I live near, with a WyzeCam. They share the camera with me because they travel often and I monitor and respond to alerts for them when they are gone. (When they are home, they turn the camera off)

I’d like to have the option for them to share the recordings with me as well, rather than just the live view. If an event happens and I dismiss the alert (accidentally), I’d like to be able to review the footage before driving over to check on things, to ensure it’s not a false alarm caused by a cloud moving past a window or a barking an animal outside.

I understand the need for the owner to have complete control…which honestly I find a little weird that I can turn the shared camera on but can’t look at historical footage. I would suggest making the on/off button an option in the shared settings…along with the ability to look at footage.

They bought the WyzeCam on my recommendation, since I have 2 for my own house. There doesn’t seem to be a way for me to log into the app as 2 different people, as that would also solve this issue for me…but I’d rather see the shared permissions capabilities enhanced to give the owner greater control, and the ability anyway for the guest to go as far as completely manage the camera.


If you have a camera shared with you , you do have access to The event clips In the event list, If The person has motion detection turned on .
You don’t have Access to recordings on the SD card

You can log into the app as 2 different people, You simply log out And then sign back in with different credentials , Then do the same thing to switch back to the other account

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L3 should not have access to speak if he does not have access to hear, which are both a bit intrusive.

Owner should be only one, the account to which the camera is registered with and L1 should be an “admin” one can set who you trust with full control of settings.

Owner can assign individual permissions to whoever he wishes on a “custom” level, this is apart from the preset tiers and can also delete any and all users at any time.

Admin cannot delete owner or touch his settings but can those below him.

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Yep, I know I can see the events when an alert is presented, but if I’ve dismissed the alert (usually accidentally because it popped up while I was doing something else) I don’t see a way to view it again. Maybe I’m missing something? Anyway, that’s my reason for wanting access to the video.

You suggestion of logging out and back in sort of defeats the purpose as I would then only be able to get alerts and see one set of cameras at a time. Besides, I think the owner should have control over what I can and can’t do. As an IT guy, I’d never recommend sharing passwords as a solution because I know most people use the same password for everything. I do t want that kind of responsibility. :smiley:

The sharing Of the cameras definitely needs a makeover .
The owner should be able to limit The camera to just live view only Or if they so choose Anything from that up to All access And controls.
The audio is a big thing , When my daughter shared a camera with me I immediately notified her Of that fact .
Be careful what you delete, If it says delete don’t tap on it , If you don’t want it to be deleted .
Dismissing a notification is Different And separate from viewing a clip in the events list
If you accidentally deleted an event clip And let’s say the owner purposely Or accidentally deleted that same clip there would be no way for anyone to view it.
If I was sharing a camera I would not want That person to have access to all my clips Seems like that’s what you are saying

Thanks, This is a good work around, going to implement this at my house!

I would like to limit the options my guests have to my cameras. it does not allow to activate the sound of the cameras, it does not allow to activate the microphone, it does not allow to activate or deactivate the cameras (on-off). Only live videos are allowed. I have installed 2 cameras inside my house one in my room to monitor my baby and another in a window of the house to see the street. The problem of having the cameras in the rooms is that the guests can activate the audio and listen to the conversations, a major privacy problem. They have to add more stringent options to limit the freedom of the guests to the cameras.

They have to add more stringent options to limit the freedom of the guests to the cameras.

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I’m really surprised that the software can’t let two head of households review playback. I would welcome an update that either more than user per camera or administrative privileges for both users.