Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

My shared user do not have access to events person Detection. For some reason when I click on the person detection it goes to a site to purchase wyze cam.
We have turned on the iOS notifications and on the wyze app.
What am I missing?

When you say “click on person detection”, where exactly are you clicking? In the settings? On a person-detected event? Elsewhere?

When I click on the gear in my wyze cam, then
Notification… I only see send notifications, which is switched on.
I don’t have the advance settings.
There is no option for the shared user to notify person Detection.
When I go to
Account >wyze service > person Detection > I see cam get wyze …looked like a site to purchase wyze cam as this is the only choice.

Account > wyze service > person detection >
I see a site that have a link to sell wyze cam. Instead of turning on person detection


Sorry for the delay. I had to get back to my phone and log into a shared account to see what’s going on. Here’s what you’re seeing:

  1. in Account > Wyze Service > Person Detection: you are logged into the shared account. However, that account doesn’t own any cameras itself. That’s why you are directed to the purchase page. If the shared account had owned some cameras of its own, you would see the option to enable Person Detection there.

  2. in the camera’s gear menu (Device Settings): shared users have very limited access to camera settings. In particular, they don’t have access to Advanced Settings or any SD card related functions. Furthermore, shared users do have control over the camera-level Notifications switch, but not any of the sub-switches under that setting. (Note that a shared user turning on/off Notifications for a camera also turns them on/off for the camera’s owner.)

For the reasons above, I have moved your posts and my replies over here to this #wishlist topic which is asking for greater control over shared users’ permissions. You can vote for it by scrolling up to the top and clicking the VOTE button.

Note that the topic is in the “researching” phase, which means Wyze is looking at means of implementation. This is the last step in the #wishlist before a feature moves to the #roadmap. For more info on #wishlist, see this: How to Use the Wishlist.

I hope that all makes sense.

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Hi Loki,
Yes it makes sense. Thanks for your responses.
So does shared users get notifications when person is detected. Is the shared users notifications same as the primary’s notifications choice?

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That’s a pretty good question. I believe that shared users should get the same notifications as the primary user, but I haven’t tested this. I may be that the shared user gets a general motion notification when the primary user gets a person notification.

Well, now that I typed that, I went to the Support link (top right) and looked at the help. The answer is here:

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Thank you for your responses and tutorials

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Why not just make it simple and when I share the account with someone, I have “3” basic options of what level permission they have (L1, L2, or L3)?

I would like to see this feature too but would like a toggle for the “Guests” permissions to disable sound. For instance, I would like the option of being able to allow my parents to be able to see their little grand kids sleeping and/or playing but I do not want them to be able to hear all of our private conversations. I have not been able to find a camera to date that can offer this, but maybe Wyze can be the first one to stand up to the plate here PERHAPS :-).

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Can I
Limit/control cam access after sharing

I have merged your post with this one so you can continue the conversation and/or vote for the topic at the top-left. :slight_smile:

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I enjoy the on / off feature with the Wyze cam but I just realized that if you share the camera with someone else, they can turn it back on after you have turned it off. Is there any way to turn off the camera through the app without allowing someone else to turn it on (i.e., A Master On / Off Function)?


Not at this time. But as indicated by the “researching” tag on this topic, greater control for shared users is in the works. I don’t know exactly what form it will take though.

I would just like the ability to turn sharing off and on for periods of time. For example if I have a Nanny that comes to the house M-F from 8-5 than I want her to only have permission to access the cameras during that time. At any time that doesn’t fall in that window the cameras would not show as being available to the shared account. To manually do this every day is not functional.

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Shared users cannot view playback at this time. This isn’t a feature Wyes offer as of yet. I share camera access with my partner, and it would be really helpful to be able to access playback if I’m trying to see how my dog walking experience went that day. Would love to see this feature added for shared users in the future.

I have the same issue. I want so badly to share the camera with many family members but don’t want them to listen to our conversations.

Those wanting to view camera streams from multiple accounts without the hassle of logging in and out of the app might want to try putting additional user profiles on their cell phone.

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I hope Wyze does this soon

Hi there,

I share my cams, sensors and bulbs with my wife so that she can also see our home when we are away, control our bulbs and receive notifications when the sensors are triggered. Therefore, I highly appreciate that a “secondary” account has restricted access to settings.

However, I noticed she can add shortcuts from her account which she shouldn’t be allowed to coz she can mess my automations :slight_smile:

Please remove shortcuts from “secondary” accounts or at least allow the “primary” account to control if they can have access to that.