Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

A nice feature would be able to setup a passcode for cameras that are on a shared account. The passcode would be needed to access all the cameras features and settings.

When I first installed by Wyze Doorbell in the front and Wyze Floodlight with camera on the back, I shared the devices to my wife on her own account. We were both getting the alerts, then at some point, she stopped getting them. I don’t know if this was because of a firmware update or because we found multiple CamPro accounts and removed all but one. This is a security issue if she can’t get the alerts. She also has Wyze Buds, so she needs her own account and can’t simply sign in with mine. We have tried everything support has suggested including total removal of all devices and removal of the app from both phones and starting totally from scratch. They say it ‘should’ work and we both ‘should’ get alerts but it is not working.

I absolutely agree. Plus most households are of more than 1 person. So it should be able to save in the “ALBUM” to make note of it for other family.

any update on this?

Not received yet :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I feel this is the biggest downside to this platform. I’ve had this system for almost 4 years now. I have a 2nd house with nest and can share everything just fine without needing a subscription. Wyze leadership recently listed this is a security concern and I don’t see how sharing access is a bad thing.

Lol I just paid for a subscription to find this out? What a scam. I will never recommend wyze to anyone.

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As a security guy, allow me to lay out some of the complexities involved with this request:
To manage sharing you will have to manage the identity of all users. Not all the users of your cameras, all the users of all the Wyze cameras. Then you will have to manage all the Wyse cameras. Then you will have to store all the Access Control Lists for each user and camera pair, allowing you to know which user has what access to which camera. Then you have to get the ACL for each device to that device. Then you have to identify each user when they connect to the device to check against the ACL to see what they are allowed to access.

Right now they just need to know that this account has access at the default level to all the cameras registered to that account. An easy, simple solution that does not cost them very much. Even a rudimentary Role Based Access Control schema would cost millions of dollars to setup and hundreds of thousands more dollars every year to maintain it. How much are you willing to pay a month for these features? $10? $25?

Really the main thing that is needed is multiple user IDs to be able to arm in our disarm the system but different ideas for example kids or vRBO clients

@mikkidee While it sounds hard, it’s just a couple of MySQL/Postgres tables. This is easily doable by a senior on the team.

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I think everything has been said about the subject. Only Questions is Why Won’t WYZE Work on this Subject and Release a new version with shared users this year? Seriously! Why?


On a tech level I understand but in the end, the users don’t care how you make it work as long as you do. We should not be charged a fee to access the SD card video since it defeats the purpose of having a subscription free recording. I do not see any other competitors having issues with sharing , wyze is just busy making as many products as they can other than improving their current core base unfortunately. In the end we can’t be too upset since the purpose of wyze was affordable cams and most of us in this forum are semi-stuck on their platform unless we do a complete upgrade.


I think they are obligated to do it because their support reps said it would/should work. I confirmed that it is tied to the Cam Plus subscription. I did a new install of my doorbell to my wife’s account and it automatically turned me into the shared user. Before I had a chance to cancel my Cam Plus subscription (which Wyze did with a refund for the unused portion) I got an alert. I am now going to try getting her a Cam Plus subscription so she gets the unlimited length, and the AI recognition and no 5 minute wait benefits and see If I can get minimal alerts by using the Cam Plus Light and assigning it to the doorbell. I am also wondering what happens if we had the WYZE security system with the hub. Does only one person get alerts with that? If so, that is not very secure either.

I’m not sure about all these “shared users” requests. It appears to me that the complexity of basing the cameras online as opposed to on your own personal computer has over complicated a lot of issues.

Once we have bought and paid for the camera and that includes the firmware And updates then we should have local control over them because they are not being rented by us all though, it seems that that is the attitude of the company. When I buy a car, I can put whatever wheels and tires and color that I want why should that be any different Then another commodity such as the cameras. If they want to eliminate all the hassles That keep getting pointed out then local control maybe something to consider

I done plenty of dev work and it’s not difficult to add options for each user. Quit making it out like it’s almost impossible. It’s actually pretty straightforward. The fact that anyone I share my video feed with can actually turn off the cameras and I have no control over that is absurd beyond measure. Obviously it’s the management who are to blame for this stupidity and I will never recommend WYZE to anyone because of this. 4 years of this nonsense shows they really don’t give a damn about us at all.

I don’t know what post you were reading but I certainly wasn’t “making it out like it’s almost impossible.” I was speculating on some of the challenges of the requests on this very long string. Not everyone is looking for a “pretty straightforward” solution.

So yes, do I think Wyze – especially given the product expansion – should seriously prioritize a better sharing system, obviously yes. Do I think they should have started that years ago? Yes. Do I have any insider information about what they have and have not done? Nope.

If they haven’t really started developing this, it could take some time. So don’t go getting your hopes up.

As for why they haven’t prioritized this? Yeah, I think it’s a lack of management vision. If you’re going to have many products in shared households then this is an obvious need. And yeah, it concerns me.

Guess time will tell.

Playback view for shared users

Make it available for shared users to be able to view playback from their app.

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Guys dont share to others. Simply sign on their device with your credentials and boom they have full access. Your welcome.

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I have done this with my wife, but this doesn’t work well for a lot of us who have things that need separate Wyze accounts like the Scale or Watches. My wife and kids need their own accounts to track their weight and heart rate and sleep cycles, etc. Having to switch between accounts constantly is frustrating.

Also, I might want my kids to have limited access to some things but not everything. I don’t want my kids changing settings, but I do want them to be able to use other things. Hence why we need different kinds of permissions for different users.


That sounds more like the Carver Before he became a forum maven. Don’t take it personal buddy, I’ve always and I do mean always enjoyed your extensive posts and I hope to continue to enjoy them long into the future