Get motion alerts from neighbor's shared camera

My neighbor shared his camera with me. It looks out to our cul-de-sac. After 9 plus months, all of a sudden, I am getting EVERY SINGLE motion alert from this camera. I checked my iOS app which is up to date and I don’t have his camera listed in the notification. I have about 8 V2 and V3 cameras. How do I turn off the notifications from his shared camera???

Currently notification settings for shared cameras are very limited. You have 2 options:

  1. The owner of the cams turns off notifications in the cams settings. Neither of you will get notifications.

  2. You turn off notifications for the entire app with the bell icon in the upper right of the home page. This will prevent you from getting notifications from any other cams though.

For why it suddenly started, the owner of the cam probably just turned on notifications. Maybe he didn’t have them enabled previously.

Since this is so limited, many users have been requesting that more permission settings are added. Please add a comment to this thread and hit the green vote button at the top.


I don’t see a green vote button. :interrobang:

Visit the linked thread and scroll to the very top.

I tried that multiple times. No luck. Usually it says this if this in wishlist.

Try here

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That worked. Thanks. I see I had already voted on this very old request.

Thank you…

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