Multiple outdoor camera with multiple base stations?


I have 5 outdoor cameras and 4 base stations. Currently 2 outdoor cameras are tied to one base station, and the 3 outdoor cameras and 3 base stations are new and not set up. Do I need to tie all 5 cameras to the same base station, or can I tie some cameras to different base stations located closer to the cameras? Currently one of the cameras has a fairly weak connection to my base station and it would be helpful if I can locate base stations around the house for better connection with near by cameras.

You can spread it out to different Base stations if you wish. I believe you can only have up to 4 camera’s per base. I have 2 base stations and 2 camera’s. I set mine up to cover the distance of my house. Work well and should work for you. My bases stations were Ethernet connected, but some have it WiFi connected to their router.


@spamoni is right, each base station can support 4 cameras. I’d take a look at where you want your cameras located, then use that info to see if there are any natural groups or pods of cameras then plan to install a base in the middle of those groups to maximize connection. Examples being front of the house and back of the house, or house and garage.

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Thanks @spamoni and @Omgitstony for your replies. However, I have not been able to add a second base station. I’ve tried both usual add device method while it’s hooked up to the router via ethernet cable, and when that failed, also by adding it manually via the QR code and switching to wize_bin_xxx… wifi network. This method also fails. I’ve been at this for more than an hour without success. A little frustrated…

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What app version # and in which OS are you using? There is an update today to the iOS app and base station firmware to fix a known iOS connection problem to the base.

Some reading material for you.

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My iPhone has the latest iOS as well as the latest Wyze app. My existing base station updated to the latest firmware earlier today with no issues. I’m having trouble with the base station that was delivered today. How do I update the firmware on this if I can’t even connect to this base station?

In the post i linked, it has the link to the manual firmware page for the wco and it’s base. Here it is also:

As a good practice, please always state the numbers associated with the firmware and app versions. Software updates sometimes happen often and stating the actual version numbers will future proof your post for anyone reading now or later on to know exactly what version of software you are using. This will also differentiate if you are using a production branch or beta branch of the app. There can be many “up to date” app versions at anytime thanks in advance!

iOS 14.7.1
Wyze app 2.24.34
Firmware on working base station: 4.16.24
Firmware on connected outdoor cams:

I have no idea what firmware came with the outdoor cams and base station I receive today, Sept 8, 2021.

Thanks for the help, @Omgitstony . I appreciate it!


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I would review what @Omgitstony indicated above. I would also look at the settings for the Wyze app on your phone. These are my settings:

I would make sure that Local Network is set as this is a relatively new security feature Apple has added to their environment.

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Aaaaaanndd looks like things are on hold. If you still wanted to try a manual firmware flash, pick a firmware from a few iterations ago to be safe and just to get things going. Then we will see how the info below is updated and decide where to go from there.