Wyse Outdoor Cam - 3 low profile bases and 10 cameras

I have been looking at these however my wife wants 10 cameras. Can anyone tell me of you just buy three do the bases daisy chain or do you just see all the cameras in the app seamlessly?

For the outdoor cameras, the base station is required. Each base station can have 4 outdoor cameras registered to it.

Setup is pretty easy, as is viewing the cameras in the app.

I don’t know what Daisy chaining is, but you can absolutely have more than 1 base station on your account, each with 4 cameras.

In the app you can group the cameras however you want for viewing without regard to camera type or which base station its on.

For example:

I have 3 outdoor cameras (1 base station). I have 2 of the outdoor cameras in a group with a V3 camera. The other outdoor camera is in a different group with 2 pan cams and a V3.

I hope this is helpful!

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Has anyone tried to add a 5th WOC to the existing 4? I know Wyze says only 4 but …

Welcome @jd63636!
In addition to @towelkingdom’s response, each base will need to be herd-wired to your router for setup, but it can be connected wirelessly to your network after setup. The bases each need to be plugged into the router or switch for network connection.

I’m not sure, but I believe the app is smart enough not to let you do that.

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