Multiple cams (Cv2, CPv2, CPv3), issues connecting via app and "cannot find specified network name."

Seems like this problem has surfaced before.

Most of my cams have updated to the latest firmware, and I’m sure my app (iThing) has, too. None of my cams show as connected in the app, but I still receive alerts from them. I’ve looked at other posts and tried several suggestions to no avail. Steps followed:

Turn off 5GHz on AP.
Re-connect phone to 2.4GHz SSID
Remove all cams from app.
Clear app cache
Reinstall app
Factory reset all cams
Manually flash all cam firmwares
run setup on all cams:
Camv2 - accepts SSID and connects. App takes multiple tries before a successful connection.
CPv2 - States “Cannot find specified network name”
CPv3 - States “Cannot find specified network name”

All cams failed after updates. I now have multiple camera-shaped paperweights that I’m getting too frustrated with to continue troubleshooting. Any advice appreciated, but I don’t have much hope considering previous posts.


What App version are you running?

App version 2.48.0 has connectivity issues.

Doesn’t seem like that would extend to initial cam setup unless the app has broken that, too…

Yes, certain app versions have caused setup issues for cams, plugs and bulbs.

So I’m guessing this is going to be a “wait and see” / “It’s fixed when it’s fixed” type of thing, then.

Cams taken down in the meantime, though. The rebooting and inaccessibility make them useless for the time being.