Multicam Broadcast Access Beyond Wyze App?

Hello! I want to give some friends access to my wyze cams but I do not want to give them access to turning on the cameras/mics if I turn them off, I don’t want to be able to control the pan/tilt cam, and I also don’t want the access to the speakers in the cameras. I want to retain more control. I have enabled RTSP on my cameras and played around with OBS and Manycam but none offer the ability to chose the camera my friend/guest wants to see, or seeing them all at once. I am not looking for a studio app but more of a service online where I can have them create accounts to access the Wyze cam feed.

Thanks for your input!

  1. Assign pseudo static IP addresses via DHCP reservation at your router.

  2. Set up separate web pages with an embedded WebRTC to RTSP player for each camera.

  3. Password protect, hide, or restrict those pages with the methods or CMS of your choice.

  4. Profit.

P.S. I don’t see why you couldn’t accomplish something similar with OBS or VLC either.

Thank you for all that, I wish I understood half of what you said to do! lol. I am very limited in my knowledge of all this.

I read about doing it on VLC, I have been able to see my own Wyze cams in my own network on it, but I don’t know how to take it to the next level. I was just thinking of using a web service that already does this, But all I find are video directing websites/services.

With OBS you still need a website to let people watch, and it can only handle one camera at a time to broadcast, it’s more of a directing software rather than what I want.

This looks like the easiest “regular person” livestreaming recipe I can find:

Thanks for this! Unfortunately this still requires OBS to run constantly and only streams one camera feed at a time. It also seems like there is no way to password protect access to the camera feed on youtube?

I’ve never actually done any of this, so sorry that’s about as much as I can contribute. I do think you can run multiple instances of OBS but there may be a way to do it within a single instance. Good luck.