Can I allow my cam to go public?

I would like to set up one cam and have a link to allow anyone without a Wyze app to go to without a password to view.

Can this be done?


This is a very broad topic. Share how exactly? Within your own WiFI? Over the internet?

If just within your WiFi, a simple solution is to use the RTSP firmware and let people know the link that the RTSP setup returns.

If over the internet, you’ll need a dynamic DNS service like,, to expose your cam.

Yes, over the internet. I’ll check out the link you posted, thanks

Please post the results with using - Sounds good. I would love to show the vineyards…

I forgot to mention, you’ll need to tinker with your router, to forward the RTSP port of the camera. I believe it’s 554. And also, you’ll need to tell your router to reserve the cam’s LAN IP.

It’s not simple, I know, that’s why WYZE has a cloud server where your phone connects to. I just wish WYZE would publish its cloud protocol, so clients on other platforms can be made.