Anonymous camera viewing

Is it possible for a neighbor to view WYZE cam output without being on your network? Could someone park in front of your house and view your WYZE cam output? Just how secure are the cameras?

Its how secure is your Wyze account. If someone knew your Wyze account username and password, even without getting on the range of your WiFi, he/she just need internet connection and download the Wyze app and use your account to view your camera(s). That’s why it’s highly recommended to secure and use strong password, much better enable 2FA.


I’m not a hacker so I don’t know the various techniques they can use, but generally, no. You mentioned neighbors or someone sitting outside your house, so I assume you’re talking about being in range of your WiFi. In order to do that, they would have to have your WiFi password and even then it would take some sort of hack since you need the app or if you use the RTSP firmware, you still need a password.
If your WiFi is secure and your Wyze account is secure then no one can view your cameras unless possibly if they were an expert hacker and targeting you, but that’s just speculation.

That’s why your Wyze account should use a strong unique password. Someone doesn’t need to be anywhere near your home if they have access to your Wyze password and email. Personally, I also have 2-factor authentication turned on so that even if someone were to get my password, I would be notified someone was trying to sign in and they would need authorization from my phone to allow it.

Thanks !

I can’t use the 2FA because my Tinycam cloud connection will not work if I do. I wish that would change. No actually, that NEEDS to change!