Multi stage lottery when launching new products

Given a LOT of discontentment with the often failed attempt to purchase the limited number of cars on April Fool’s Day, consider a staged lottery type of event. Maybe email a random 500 existing users at a time with a link to simply reserve purchase which would require very minimal server horsepower. Let that link expire after 2 hours. And facilitate 24 hours to follow through with actual purchase so all 500 don’t hammer the server to death at the same time. Or something along those lines. Better staging or lottery emailing new batches of users over the course of a day.

Speaking as a retired professional web developer and database programmer, I see a lot of advantages to Wyze using the Discourse framework. But it’s so bloated that when your cart is taxed to death upon new product launch you’re shooting yourself in the foot and alienating the client base.

Yes, here was my suggestion a day or two ago.