Moving to new phone, what do I need to do?

I’m upgrading to a Galaxy s20 from an LG g6. What do I need to do to make it an easy process?

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Welcome to the Wyze forum catkisson. That depends on what “it” is. If you mean transitioning your Wyze account to a new phone, simply download the Wyze app from the Google Play store, log in with the same userid and password as your old phone and you’re up and running. Your device list, settings, etc. are stored in the cloud and will automatically be downloaded to the Wyze app on your new phone when you log in.


Thanks! That’s all I needed to know! As far as the pics I use in the watch app I guess I’ll need to make sure they get saved before I get rid of the old phone…


When I get a new phone, I look at it as an opportunity to “clean house” so to speak. I really only need contacts and photos. My contacts are stored in the Google cloud and I transfer photos manually. You may wish to transfer everything (contacts, call logs, messages, apps, files, settings, etc.) and purge what you want after the fact from your new phone. If you’re picking the phone up from your service provider’s retail storefront, they may offer to transfer everything for you. You can also do it yourself if your new phone is shipped to you. Your S20 comes with a Samsung app named Smart Switch. The option to transfer using this app is in the setup process when you 1st start up the phone. You can read more about Smart Switch here:


If you’re not trading your old phone in or donating it to someone in need, you can use it as a Wyze cam monitor. Just leave the old phone as is, but set it to WiFi only. Start up the Wyze app and stream a cam of your choice. You can simultaneously run as many devices tied to the same Wyze account as your WiFi will support.


Android phone switching is way, way harder than it should be if you want to retain basic stuff like SMS history and call logs. Without the 3rd party “SMS Backup & Restore” app it can be a nightmare. Motorola used to have a very effective migration tool (I imagine similar to the Samsung one mentioned above) but they dropped it when Android promised native migration tools. Only problem is those native tools are a joke. All they migrate are very basic settings for some apps and then kick off Play Store downloads. Not even close to what Apple does (restoring a full phone image, more or less).

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I got new phone. , I downloaded Wyze app and logged in, but my devices are not showing up.? How do you get all my devices loaded up?

Did you get a new iPhone? Go to settings on the phone, scroll down to the Wyze App and see what is turned on. This is mine:

i have it set up like you do.
wyze support emailed me back and he said i need to add each device one by one if you get a new phone

??? So when your new phone was set up it didn’t set up with all the apps it had before? Did you have an iPhone before? Anyway glad you found the correct answer. :smiley:

But that doesn’t make any sense. Never heard of that before, and I certainly haven’t had to across multiple phones.

Do you have a new email address? Then, yes, you probably need to set them up again. Has nothing to do with a new phone.