Move Event Share/Download/Expand buttons off of video frame

With the link sharing, download and max screen all in the upper right corner I usually cannot see them during daylight since most of my cams focus outside and that portion of the screen has the sky as background. It was bad enough with the “max to screen button” up there,

I agree. These button icons should be moved off of the video frame. They could be changed to have a non-transparent background, but then that would obscure too much of the video.

Here’s an example of how the buttons almost completely disappear when the video has a light background:


Here’s what they look like on the same video once the gray overlay appears at the end:



I agree that these icons should be moved. In portrait mode, there’s more than enough space. But in landscape, I don’t see it.

I have some experience with this. When I needed to put some text over a video, I used a special font that made it visible whether the background is light or dark. The idea is to use dark-colored strokes surrounded by a light colored outline. The same thing can be done for icons.


I’ve noticed this, too. A lot of people have complained about the gray overlay, so probably they should just redesign the whole experience of this screen, although I don’t mind it personally. But at the very least, they should add a subtle drop shadow or outline on the icons so that they remain visible.

From another thread:


Anyone noticed the font used to display the time on playback? It’s now visible for both dark and light backgrounds.

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