Motion Tracking Erratic Movement

Not really too sure where to post this, so I apologize if it’s in the wrong forum. I know the solution to this problem is 100x easier to say than actually do, but it’d be nice for motion tracking on the Pan Cam to be smoother with tracking movement. My camera is posted in my front window, so when someone walks by, it follows them a bit too much, then over-compensates the correction, then over-compensates that correction and it’s left going back and forth.

Attached is an example from my mailman. In the beginning, you can see it move a bit too far to the right when it initially detects him, but thankfully sees him before he’s out-of-frame and can move back and follow him to the left. However, I’ve had several instances where it moves too far and the subject is out-of-frame, therefore rendering the motion tracking useless.

Hi @xlevijpcombsx. There are already a couple of #wishlist topics on the forum about this. Please check them out. You can vote for them at the top-left. You can discuss them further there, as well. :slight_smile: