Motion sensor video not working 2020-03-04

I receive notifications for the past 2 days that motion was detected.
It is supposed to trigger the camera to record video, however, no videos are ever recorded.
Is the service down?

@amchen- Be sure this is on to get the recording in addition to the notification. Notification just tells you Motion was detected.
Camera Settings/Event Recording/ Detects Motion

@tomp Thanks for your reply. Doesn’t that setting use the camera’s pixel motion detection, which is not what I want? The camera points to an area where there are shadows that cause false notifications. I installed the motion sensor in order to detect actual motion to trigger the video recording.

My bad. I read your post and did not factor in the heading. Yes, the reply I sent you is for the camera not the Wyze Sense PIR motion Sector.
The relevant advice would be to be sure that under the settings for the motion sensor itself, be sure that these two are set:

Be sure you have selected a cam (or more) to record to when motion is detected.

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Did you set up a rule to initiate recording of a specific camera when motion is detected with the sense motion sensor?

Yes, everything is configured correctly. To clarify, the motion sensor was setup properly in the past and video recording was triggered by the PIR motion sensor. The battery was dead for a few weeks and I just changed it. But now it only has notification of motion, no videos available.
I wanted to know if the service was down.

I would delete and remake the rule you want for the trigger. it’s odd that it stopped but that would be my first go to.