Motion sensor problem not logging

I have not had any of my three sensor logs update since midnight 12/31 and the sensor video triggers to my cameras are not working. I have rebooted the camera with the sensor bridge a couple of times but no joy. This has happened before and it winds up being an issue at Wyse, not batteries or WiFi local. Is there something going on, do you not like 2021?

UPDATE after changing batteries it worked only once now it’s back to the same it sees the motion but it doesn’t log and it won’t trigger alexa

I think it’s their problem also because that was the issue about a week ago and it resolved on it’s own.

I think you’re right…I just jumped through hoops to try to attach a contact sensor to the cat door and after all that, no Alexa announcements. And yeah, I had the same experience with one of the devices working just once. Grrrr…

Still no events logged for my contact (door) sensor.

So I have one contact sensor in my mail box it is not logging or working with alexa. Motion sensor not working with alexa but it will trigger my lights with ifttt. So I tried ifttt with the mail box sensor and it works. So I have basically given up on this and hope it starts working one day. I have come to realize the wyze products are very unreliable.

This is so disappointing. The amount of time wasted trying to bring back expected functionality is crazy! Im surprised more users haven’t posted with this problem. It sure would be nice to hear from Wyze about this since it’s a huge failing (in my opinion).

I’m having a problem with motion sensors and my contact sensors. The app it sees the motion or the open door but it doesn’t log and it won’t trigger alexa and activate lights like it supposed to. Last logged event was 2 days ago and it was turning on the lights just fine. I have 6 contact sensors and only one seems still working properly.

Pretty much same experience. I just wanted to add one thing…I tried unlinking and then relinking my Alexa account and…nope, didn’t fix anything.

I tried that also forgot to mention it

Same here

I have a similar problem with the motion sensor, But I related it to another situation. Its been a mess trying to control messages from the camera on Person Detection. Appears those messages blast through Alexa without any control other than turning them off. But I pay for that interpretation that there is a person in view on the Camera detection. I turned off the AI in the camera Wyze app section. Was then relying on motion alone. Then found that the App wanted to record car headlights moving across the designated section for an alarm, Was getting so many videos. Turned that off too. And in the melee of turning things off, the motion detector went off too. So last night I turned everything back on, Got the motion detector to send Alexa messages again. But as others have poointed out, there seems to be a delay of making a change in the controls and having them go into effect, So I am not sure which thing I turned on or off that affected the motion sensor connection to Alexa. What I did observe that the motion detector was sending messages to the Wyze app, not recording a log of events, but still funtioning to get that alert through to my phone. I would like to see a logic diagram for this whole operation! Maybe a few of us should get together and try to produce one, Better yet maybe Wyze could supply one! Seems none of us have a clear idea what switch whereever it is, affects everything?

I should add that like others, I have seen a motion detector stop functioning, Maybe a few hours or a day or two, and then suddenly it works again. Had that early last week.

My contact sensor is not logging and not triggering Alexa routine.
In the app I get notification of when my door opens and closes, but noting is logged in the app.
Last thing it logged in the app was on Dec 31 2020.

Mine is doing the same thing.
No logs when you click on the sensor in the app

After reading multiple threads on this, I checked my sensors as well. They stopped on 12/31/2020 but still show the last activity on the sensor status screen.

Note: Just checked the Wyze App vs Home Assistant and HA is recording the activity.

I realize that this is a “user” forum, but it would be really nice if someone from Wyze monitored these things for issues affecting multiple users without resorting to all of us having to file a support request.


How do you file a support ticket

@WyzeGwendolyn is anyone checking in to this problem, it’s been going on since December 31 2020

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The only way I know of now is to call during support hours…

Live support is available:

Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT

Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

+1 (206) 339-9646