Motion sensors and contact sensors not won’t trigger alexa and activate lights

I’m having a problem with motion sensors and my contact sensors. The app it sees the motion or the open door but it doesn’t log and it won’t trigger alexa and activate lights like it supposed to. Last logged event was 2 days ago and it was turning on the lights just fine. I have 6 contact sensors and only one seems still working properly. Do you have the same issues ?

I have a the same problem and steady have a thread started from yesterday

You might want to see it

I’m having the same problem.
It started 2 days ago.

I have the same issue, looks like my service was disrupted 12/27 and never came back. Have an Alexa routine for garage doors to play a sound. Worked awesome, way better than anything else we have used (including security system), now it just works through the Wyze app and nothing else. Has anyone heard if there is any help coming?

If the sensor that you use to play the alexa routine also has the option of record video to the cloud when triggered checked, you need to uncheck it and your routine will start working again. It’s under device settings, sensor videos