Motion sensor (PIR) Test Mode

A test mode for walking around an evaluating the detection range of the Motion Sensor. Very much like the test feature on most outdoor motion sensor lights.

My understanding of the test mode of outdoor motion sensor lights is that it just allows the light to come on when trigger by the PIR even though it is light outside (overriding the ambient light sensor).

Since the Wyze motion sensor isn’t affected by ambient light, I don’t think this is necessary. You can just walk around with your phone in your hand and notice when it reports the sensor has triggered. Or keep your eye on the red led on the sensor which lights when motion is detected.

Am I missing something? Could further explain how the test mode would work of the above is not sufficient?

The motion sensor light blinks when there is a detection, but it takes 1 minute to clear before it will blink again.

So are you asking for a test mode where the 1 minute wait is eliminated? I’m not sure that’s feasible. Even for outdoor PIR lights in test mode, there is a pause in test mode until the bulb goes off again letting you try again.

Yes, eliminating or reducing the wait period. Even then it is difficult to see the little red LED.
I may wait for the New outdoor camera and hope it has a way to walk test the detection range. I assume the new camera will have PIR detection with a sensitivity control.