Test mode in Floodlight

There needs to be a test mode in the floodlight settings that over rides the nighttime darkness sensor so that you can fool with the sensitivity and turning the light on and recording durning the day after you install it. The way it is now all you can do is walk past it at night when its dark. All floodlights i have seen have a test mode to set the proximity sensor

Which floodlights have test mode ?

FYI Wyze does now have a “Test Motion Sensor” setting for the Floodlight.

This will allow you to test the motion sensor sensitivity and distance during the daytime.

If you use the camera motion to turn the floodlight on and off, you will still probably want to run tests at night because camera sensitivity can change a lot depending on the amount of ambient light in your environment.

Even for the motion sensor, it is based on PIR, so it is quite possible that it will function slightly differently during the daytime and nighttime because of different levels of ambient heat from materials heated up by the sun, but this newly added test setting will be helpful in setting approximate sensitivity during the day time and can then be tweaked at night later if needed.