Motion Sensor lost connection yesterday, had to reinstall Bridge

After a short connection outage yesterday, my Motion Sensor trigger was not working. The sensor blinked, but nothing was logging on the App and the Bulb was not triggering. I went thru the normal pairing, the light would not blink red 3 times. I deleted the Sensor but could still not pair it.

Eventually I removed the Bridge and put it back in my V2. I deleted the Motion Sensor and added it back again. Then the pairing worked and my Trigger Rules recognized the Sensor was back

V2.12.3 Beta App Sensor V2 Bridge


Thanks for that info. It appears a lot of people, myself included, are having sensor issues similar to what you described.

I think this is a scenario where it would behoove a lot of us to take advantage of an in-line battery backup to smooth over outages. And instead of a $50 to $3,000 UPS, all we need is a $10 USB battery charger… Just a thought.

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I am not sure how any back-up power supply helps when connectivity to the Wyze servers happens, or our wifi/modem-connectivity is wonky.

But, if my power is out then I have no idea what a battery charger is going to help with?

It seems that the recovery process after disruption of power is a little convoluted. I have other devices (electronic) that recover automatically requiring no user intervention… Suggest Wyze investigate the possibility of that with their products.

You said short connection outage and I took that to mean a power interruption, perhaps due to storms. Sorry if I read too much into that…

The point was to smooth over failures of the camera or bridge, even while other devices recovered.

OK, I understand the confusion. I used to have issues with the Bulbs after a power outage, but that has not been a problem for a while now.

If the power is out, I am not sure how important keeping my V2 on will be. At least it is not a priority for me.

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Definitely understand how it may not be a priority for you, but it has been very helpful for me. As long as they have continuous power of some type, V2 cams continue to record nicely to the microSD card even when the internet and everything else goes down.

And sometimes very interesting things go on when the power is out… :eyes:

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It’s importance of course depends on how you. use it… Mine automatically re-attach once my modem and router come back online

Apparently the App was updated for timing rules when triggering from the Sensor. My bulb was not always turning off as expected after I reset the Bridge. I disabled then enabled my rules. I then had to go in and fix the Clear rule. The update changed my time parameter to a option of Becomes Clear. I selected the Has Been Clear For option and set it where I had it before. Now the Rule and Sensor are back in sync. I believe that the changes to the logic caused the sensor and App to not be in sync with the rule, on top of my having to reset the Bridge which also lost sync with the Bridge.