Motion sensitivity and zone, no effect for AI

No matter how I set up detection zones and sensitivity I keep getting vehicle alerts from 50 ft away when a car passes. It appears those settings are only for motion alerts. I would just like to be notified when a car is in my driveway not passing on the street. Am I missing something? I have motion alerts turned off but recording is on. I only have AI alerts turned on.

The detection zone only effects where any pixel change is detected. Once “motion” is detected, the clip is uploaded to the cloud where the ai algorithm scans the whole event for recognized objects then you get notified in app based off your notification settings. The recognized objects will be taged, and just know that the tags are not necessarily what was the detected motion, they are just objects the camera event sees.

What is changing pixels within your detection zone? Headlights? Any light changes?

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Thanks for the reply. So from what I am now understanding is the detection zone and the AI settings have no effect on each other. So I assume the only solution is to aim the camera so that it only sees the driveway.

Yes, I do notice this more at night with the headlights on.

The detection zone is client side only, it is the area that your camera detects pixel change. Ai is all server side, and happens in the cloud after the vid is uploaded. Detection happens first, then upload then ai. I’ll change your statement to “detection zone doesn’t effect the ai”, as detection is first in line. Ai just sees the upload then analyze it.

You have it correctly, we had the same issue…we just pointed the camera more down so we do t see the street