Let's clear up detection rules

so I’m wondering how regular detection works vs AI detection, cause it’s not how I think it should work

for example, case A: AI mode. detection zone off

I assume this mode should avoid all moving trees in the wind. however when the wind moves the tree the AI reports motion as vehicle detected because there is a parked car elsewhere in the frame. next i turn on detection zone and block out the parked car, no difference. also this mode misses people and other actual events.

case B: normal detection with detection zone.

this method works better for detecting any kind of movement as long as you block off any moving trees etc. people and pets are detected always but they are not identified as type. however motion does get detected at least.

what are your experiences?

Curious as to what your AI Selections are. I purposely removed Vehicle from the AI as if you have it selected and your motion is triggered, it will alert or tag on Vehicle.

For me, I have my sensitivity set to 95, no Detection zones, Event Recording is All Motion and AI Events of Person, Pet, and Package where appropriate. On Notifications, I have only Smart AI on for Person, Pet, and Package where appropriate.

My Notifications are normally correct with these settings. Occasionally I will get a false positive, but I attribute it to something in the frame which evaluates to one of my AI events.