Vehicle detection alert when non-vehicle motion even if vehicle is outside of detection zone

I found a couple old threads that sounds like this has been an issue before.

My real goal is to be notified if a new vehicle has entered the driveway (within the detection zone).

I do not want any part of the image that is not in the detection zone analyzed for objects.

I would accept that a notification only comes when the state has changed since the last time an AI object detection request is made.
Previous AI object detection saw a vehicle and the new AI object detection requested also detects a vehicle then no notification (no state change).
Previous AI object detection did not see a vehicle but the new AI object detection request does see a vehicle then notify me.

My preference is to let me know that the motion event was actually the vehicle moving, but if that is too difficult, then just let me know that the state has gone from no vehicle in the detection zone to vehicle in the detection zone.

My preference would also be if one vehicle is parked in the detection zone, and second vehicle moves into the detection zone that I be notified, but I understand the complexity of this statement.

I don’t want to be notified repeatedly that a vehicle is parked in the driveway, and I don’t want to be notified that a vehicle outside of the detection zone exists (whether it is moving or not).

As of now, anytime there is any motion sensed (which is almost always a flying insect) I get notified that a vehicle is detected regardless if the vehicle is inside or outside of the detection zone and regardless if the vehicle itself is in motion.

Honestly, I think you are going to need to map depth to get this right, which requires 2 cameras. Otherwise if an insect completely blocks the vehicle in one frame but is gone in the next frame then it will cause a false alert. But the above suggestion is still an improvement. Even if you don’t have the capabilities to process depth right now, at least you would require confirmation from both cameras to actually trigger the alert.

Doesn’t work that way. The detection zone is part of the camera to decide that an event needs to be uploaded. Once the video is uploaded, the server based AI knows nothing about the camera detection zone, so it analyzes the entire image.

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These are motion detectors and object taggers. It won’t be terribly long until what you’re asking for is simple, but at present, these devices are not particularly context aware. i.e. if you want something to let you know when a new vehicle arrives but not to say anything if someone walks in front of the vehicle that’s been in your driveway all day, hire a neighbor kid to do it, or teach some AI assistant to handle that object-state tracking business.