Motion sensing on outdoor camera

I installed the new outdoor camera above my garage door facing down my driveway.
it seems i’m having trouble detecting motion in a straight line from the camera …
If i walk across the driveway it will detect. any input on mounting locations ?
maybe I need to off set the location so cars and people will be moving across the area of detection ?
also the detection zone is not software adjustable, only manually by moving the camera.
anyone with good idea’s …?>

  1. Mounting location ? straight / offset / side
  2. Mounting height ? eye level / 8-10 ft / higher than 12 feet ?
  3. Detection range / distance in feet ? 25 feet / 50 feet / 75 feet ?
  4. Sensitivity and glare from raising / setting sun light ? settings ?

If you can, mounting it so it looks “across” the driveway instead of straight down would be the best. Maybe post a picture of the camera’s view from the detection settings page? I also find detection works better when the camera is angled downwards instead of having it perfectly level.

I have found it will only pick up motion up to about 20 feet away. Aside from that, the advice above is good for mounting direction.