Motion Events are being cut off

I have a couple of the floodlight cameras. CamPlus on each device.

If a car passes by, I don’t get the entire video clip. The car is about to exit the view of the camera and is gone. It’s cutting off video that should be there.

Is there a way to have the cameras record 5 seconds before and after a motion event?

I suggest you put a high endurance good quality SD card in the camera (at least a 128GB Card) and set it for continuous recording so you can review the entire events via playback from the SD card using the app.

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There is no pre or post buffer setting unfortunately. What is your motion sensitivity level set to? You may need to set it higher. I recommend start at 100 to see what everything the camera catches, then back down to find a sweet spot of your liking.

I have the same problem but have cam plus.
The camera misses the beginning of lots of events & stops too soon so you end up with 2 or 3 videos of one event for example when the postman arrives.

This is definitely something that needs to be improved.
Especially in the paid version there needs to be pre/post timing control.

Having an SD card continuously recording is only a work around for critical events because browsing through hours of video to find the right point is really tedious in the app even when you know the time the event occurred.

There’s definitely lots to be improved for the camera performance & especially app UI.

My only solution was to install another camera facing from a different direction towards the same point so you can swap between cameras to see the full event.

So true! Don’t the developers have these cameras at their home? Can’t they see they aren’t recording the entire event? We definitely need a pre and post buffer option.

Give it a vote to help support!

Thanks for the tip!