Motion detection with IFTTT, no cool down, no record video event

I’m trying to setup the camera ( to detect motion and trigger an action with IFTTT, without recording a video and reducing the default cool down time to 1 minute or less. It’s that possible?
Currently, the IFTTT applet is triggering only when the event recording is enabled in the camera.
Lao Hu

Well, as you’ve already stated, you can’t trigger IFTTT without the camera set to detect motion - there’s simply no feedback to IFTTT without an event being triggered. And with event detection (san PIR motion or contact sensors) comes the 5-min cooldown.

So… no, it’s not possible - as is.

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Thanks for your feedback. Appreciated.
Do you think is useful (or already discussed/proposed) to have the motion detection notification without recording the 12sec video on the cloud, in order to avoid slow down the network bandwidth?

I do not know if it has been proposed or discussed here in the past. Others may be able to add their insight to this. Since Wyze sells motion and contact sensors, I would not think they would be very receptive to changing firmware to allow the disabling of event videos - and this would require a camera firmware change. It might undercut the sales of their other products.

I see not use-case for this, but I own motion sensors which work very well.

Please, @None may you suggest a motion sensor that works very well with IFTTT? Thanks again!

There are many manufacturers of PIR motion sensors that work with IFTTT; D-Link, WeMo, Wyze. I use Wyze because they interface with the cameras and plugs - and I can use IFTTT with them and so they are able to trigger other devices I have, like Phillips Hue and TP-Link.


Thanks for your input regarding the situation described.