Motion Detection Sensitivity setting

I am seeing many false alerts when detecting true motion. I can understand that changes in light cause pixels to change. When I adjust sensitivity to be less sensitive, I don’t see a reduction in false alerts.

Has anyone found optimal settings to reduce false alerts?

I am so glad we have person detection in order to escape some audible alerts. I am also glad cloud space is free.

It’s not an exact science for sure, but moving the sensitivity slider will reduce false alerts. It might at the same time reduce real alerts, like if you wanted to detect small animals in your back yard.

When I am on travel, I have a camera in my living room looking at the inside of my front door. I have the sensitivity slider on that set to minimum The reason I do that is to try to eliminate false alerts due to dust particles when the IR lights are on. Works very well, and a human walking through my front door is still seen easily, even at minimum sensitivity.

Other things you can do: Change your detection box. Some people think the detection box has to include the whole person for Person Detection to work, for instance. No, you could have the box set at their feet, and when the feet enter the detection box the whole frame is evaluated for the presence of a person. So maybe setting the detection box lower may eliminate cars on the street.

You can sometimes also change the angle or location where you mount the camera to eliminate false triggers. Come at whatever you are interested in monitoring from the opposite direction, maybe.

It’s all a dance with pixel motion detection, however. So you can also add a PIR motion sensor to trigger the camera. You still need to be careful how you mount those, because they too can see cars on the street if you aren’t careful. Lots of ways to mount those, though. Above the door under an overhang, turned one way or the other, maybe even facing down on a flat ceiling with the bottom facing the door.

Think about your situation, and get creative.


One thing to keep in mind is if you set a detection zone , the smaller you set the zone the more it intensifies the motion sensing

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Seems I can only set it to one. Zero is unattainable, unless I switch it off. I will give that a try. Unfortunately the white dot slider disappears on the white background when set to 1.

you could also look into the Wyze sense motion sensor. using a motion sensor will also bypass the 5 minute cool down and turn it into a 1 minute clear, but the downside is that person detection does not currently work with the sensor videos.

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Can you capture a screen when the slider disappears? Don’t turn it of if 1 is the minimum.

With fresh eyes and a better lit screen, I can make out the slider.

Turning it down to 1 on all of my cameras reduced my false arms from many to one. This is after 4 hours of operation.

Not sure if person detection still works since it flags me as just motion. I will see how it works after a full day.

If it flags you as motion, it is detecting. Person detection is a separate operation that occurs on motion videos, and is not further affected by the motion detection sensitivity. Just by whether it thinks you are a person, lol.

If it doesn’t think you are a person, then you have an option using the link at the bottom to further educate the AI algorithm. Unless you are in Beta, you are still using the first algorithm at this time.


I will look forward to the second Al Gore Rythm.

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Setting motion sensitivity to 1 helped but after midday I see 9 out of 10 false alarms (darn neighbor’s cat). I wish there was more granularity on the dial. Will see how the afternoon goes. On the bright side there were no person alerts.

Got the new AI Al Gore Rythm today. Hoping for less false alerts. Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:

i want motion sensitivity to be a number you type in. also the sound sensitivity. i would like the range to be 0 to 1000. i would like a smaller ROI box (region of interest ) for the motion detection. i want to be able to bracket an LED or display that turns on when a condition occurs… example: like watching a digital thermometer hit a limit. tags: 99sensitivity

Whatever I set sensitivity to, it makes no difference for me. Definitely should put the number indicator in a better place than under my finger.