Motion detection on outdoor camera

The new camera has PIR for motion detection. That’s great for battery operation. But can it also use the conventional video image for motion? Because PIR only sees warm bodies, and it won’t see them if the weather is hot.

Also, will the PIR see small bodies, like a mouse at four feet? My current Wyze cam will.

Perhaps under the heading TMI:
If the WOC PIR motion sensor is a differential sensor, which most PIR sensors use, then it is not measuring actual temperature, but the differential temperature across the two halves of PIR sensing element. The PIR does not care what the ambient temperature is, only the differential movement across the two halves. The PIR sensor is not DC coupled so it does not respond to very slow changes. I live in the desert and PIR detectors work fine in the summer.
They appear to be less sensitive in summer because the temperature differential is less between humans and the environment. Even so, my Wyze PIR motion sensor always picks up my cat on the front porch even when it’s 110 degrees. PIR sensor are extremely reliable.


The PIR sensor wakes the cam but pixel comparison (just like the v2) is then used to verify motion. My WCO has picked up as small as a squirrel, not sure about a mouse.


So both PIR and pixel based detection are built into the WCO?

That’s the best thing I’ve heard about the WCO and somehow I missed it! :roll_eyes:

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Yes… Well I’m 99% sure :grin:

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Ref following source: WCO Motion Detection

Wyze Cam Outdoor uses a PIR sensor to detect heat, which triggers the pixel comparison algorithm that compares key frames from the stream, and looks for differences between frames.