Motion detection events have stopped

I recently added video doorbell setup, and lock bolt, to my existing camera v2 device. The motion detection events log was getting populated as expected for video doorbell and existing camera.

Then yesterday i was messing with the wyze app’s pre-baked rules offerings, specifically “I’m away” and “I’m home” which both come with All Devices | Mute/Unmute Notifications step. When i click those it appears to have the effect of turning off and back on the account | notifications | push notifications | push notifications button.

I tried authoring another pair of rules “detections on” and “detections off” with the intention of turning off and back on the account | notifications | -video doorbell and camera device entries- | notifications | notifications button. In my test with video doorbell, and in a forum discussion thread it was determined that setting disables push notifications to phones/tablets for video doorbell detect motion events.

In the “detections on” and “detections off” rules authoring settings i was including the -video doorbell and camera device entries- “turn on motion detections” and “turn off motion detections” action options respectively. Unexpectedly when i run these rules i don’t see any changes in the wyze app settings under the notifications | detect motion sections.

That aside i’m now noticing that neither device is generation motion detection events in the app’s events view and no push notifications for motion detection events. That in spite of me manually confirming the settings that enable this are in place and having tried restarting both the devices multiple times.

Any insights on what is going on here? Are those provided rule actions to do with detect motion and mute/unmute all notifications messing with settings not shown in the wyze app views and somehow able to be left in states where motion detection is no longer generating events entries?

Using the rules “Turn On Motion Detection” and “Turn Off Motion Detection” for specified cams will not change ANY notifications settings. Turning off Motion Detection toggles off the Event Recording - Record Motion Events setting which prevents ALL video being uploaded to the cloud and therefore also all notifications will stop (even though that setting is still on) since all notifications are initiated from the cloud resulting from cloud event uploads, which was turned off by this rule.

If you still want the cam to detect motion and upload events, just not notify you, you need to only use the “Turn On Notifications” and “Turn Off Notifications” selections for each cam.

In order to get notifications and events, you have to have the Record Motion Events setting on.

If you have reset all these and are still not getting events or notifications, it may help to do a cache clear procedure to force the app to receive and transmit all brand new data w\ the server: Account → App Settings → Clear (Cache); Account → Sign Out; Close App; Force Close App from OS; Reopen App; test.


@SlabSlayer beat me to a great answer and was far more detailed. Well done. Follow those instructions and you’ll be all set

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Thanks for the thorough and detailed response. Makes sense with your explanation. Has me thinking the “Turn on/off Motion Detection” rule actions might have been better named “Turn on/off Event Recording”.

Working again now that i know how to reverse the settings any added, and later deleted, rule settings would have applied as a result of “Turn off Motion Detection” action.

Happen to know what the default video doorbell | detection settings | motion detection sensitivity setting would have been? Mine was at 5 [ % ] which seems significantly different than default web cam | detection settings | motion detection sensitivity which is at 50 [ % ].


Unfortunately, no.

I run mine at 78 but it is very situational based on specific application and what you want out of it. If it misses something, crank it up.