Motion detection - download sequence from SD card

Wyze Pan Pro V3
Motion detection - Download video files
My wish is to be able to download a “motion detection” recording directly from the camera onto my phone.

If I click on “SD Card” I can see a timeline, but how do I download a small sequence?
If I click under “Events” and select an event that says “Motion” next to it, the “play” icon, I am forwarded to the Wyze cloud service, which I have to pay for.
How is it possible to download a “Motion detection” recording without having to pay for the Wyze Cloud service?

Not trying to pick nits here, but you need a little more information in your description (unless I’m missing something)… Is your camera a PanCam V3 or a Cam V3Pro? There is no PanCam V3 Pro. (I think)…

While both operations will give you the same results… Take the timestamp from the “Events” picture, go to the camera you want to download click on the SD Card Icon, go to the time you want to record, press Record Icon… Stop (hit the record icon again) when you’ve had enough recorded.

On an Android phone using “My Files”, you can go to “Internal Storage>DCIM>wyze> to whatever subfolder” to see the content of the recording and move/copy it to wherever you want. Or you can use the share button to email/text/whatever…

Hope this helps.

You then let the SD card footage play, and when you have a section of footage that you want to save, click the “record” button just below the live view. Let the footage play normally for the duration of your clip then click the record button again to save the clip. This clip is then saved to your phone or tablet that you are using the app on.

Correct. There is the Wyze Pan Cam v3 and then the Wyze Cam v3 Pro.

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The only way to transfer a MP4 video file from within the app is, as @Omgitstony & @LenBradner already outlined, to use the “Record” function while watching the video.

Alternatively, you can remove the SD Card and read it in a SD Card slot or reader on a computer or phone and manually transfer \ copy each 1 minute MP4 file you wanted to save. It may also be possible to use a 3rd party video editor program to stitch MP4 files together.

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